26 September, 1949 – Russia Demands Stop To Nuclear Weapons Research

The Russian demands for stopping all research into nuclear weapons and to destroy all existing Atom Bombs has been rejected by the British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin who has stated great Britain will continue it’s research into Atom Bomb technology.

26 September, 1973 – Transatlantic Air Travel Time Cut In Half

Concorde makes its first non stop crossing of the Atlantic in three hours 32 minutes flying at an average speed of 954 mph cutting the current time by half. Concorde began making commercial flights across the Atlantic between the US and Europe in 1979.

26 September, 2002 – Gambia Ferry Capsizes

The ferry Joola from Senegal capsizes off the coast of Gambia, with the loss of over 1,000 passengers making it one of the worst maritime disasters in history.

26 September, 2007 – Vietnam Bridge Collapses

A bridge being built over the Hau River in Can Tho, Vietnam collapsed and killed over fifty workers while under construction. Building the bridge was to cost an estimated 300 million dollars and funded by the Japanese.

26 September, 2008 – 1500’s Portugese Shipwreck Found

A Portuguese shipwreck dating to the 1500’s was found at the site of a Namibian diamond mine. The ship had cargo from all over the world including elephant tusks and copper ingots. Archaeologists marked the discovery as one of the most important finds in Africa in recent history and began working to identify who the ship belonged to.

26 September, 2011 – Dead Sea Scrolls

A joint project between Israel’s national museum and Google publishes a number of the Dead Sea Scrolls. These Dead Sea Scrolls generally date between 150 BCE and 70 CE and were only discovered between 1947 and 1956 on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea.


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