23 September, 1925 – Birth of Commercial Airlines

1925 : President Hoover believes self supporting commercial air lines in the United States should be created and an authority to oversee the industry created with help and federal funding. He also has bought in the Postmaster General as Air Post would be an important part of helping the fledgling industry take off. He is pressing municipalities to provide local airports to help the new industry.

23 Sept, 1968 РCuba Plane Crash

Two Colombian Passenger jets have been hijacked and taken to Cuba where it is presumed they have been given political asylum . It is unknown how the hijackers managed to board the plane with guns as all passengers are supposed to be checked prior to boarding.

23 September, 1977 – Los Angeles Refuses Concorde

Plans to create a new route for Concorde from London Heathrow to Los Angeles have been halted after the Mayor of San Francisco has said Concorde can not meet the cities anti-noise requirements and will not be given permission to land.

23 September, 1989 – German Autobahn Accidents

In one of the worst days for accidents on the German Autobahn, due to fog five huge pileups involving 256 cars with a large number of series injuries. The Autobahn’s in Germany have no speed limits with cars travelling as fast as 140 MPH which is a recipe for disaster in foggy conditions.

23 September, 1999 – Mars Climate Orbiter

Mars Climate Orbiter reaches Mars and when after the spacecraft passed behind Mars it never emerged or made radio contact. NASA believe Mars Climate Orbiter was at too low an altitude and was destroyed by atmospheric stresses and friction at this low altitude. After an investigation the loss of the spacecraft was blamed on a NASA subcontractor (Lockheed Martin) who used Imperial units (pound-seconds) instead of the metric units (newton-seconds) as specified by NASA in the control software on Earth used to control thrusters causing the spacecraft to fail.

23 September, 2003 – Earth Ward Hunt Ice Shelf

Researchers – Warwick Vincent, Derek Mueller and Martin Jeffries report the break-up of Ward Hunt Ice Shelf in the journal Geophysical Research Letters (GRL). The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf which was the largest ice shelf in the Arctic has fractured, releasing all the water from the freshwater lake it dammed. In April 2008 a new report details that the shelf is fractured into dozens of cracks and it seems likely the shelf is disintegrating.

23 September, 2004 – Haiti Hurricane Jeanne

Hurricane Jeanne slams into Haiti, killing thousands although the storm was only a category 2 hurricane the accompanying heavy rain caused the floodgates for the Peligre River to fail which caused flash floods to sweep through entire villages, carrying away hundreds of people. Jeanne was part of a series of deadly storms to hit the region during the 2004 hurricane season.

Image source: Wikipedia


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