22 September, 1914 – German U-Boat Submarine

For the first time in wartime the capabilities of Submarine warfare is seen when a German U-Boat submarine sinks three British cruisers, the Aboukir, the Hogue, and the Cressy, in just over one hour.

22 September, 1949 – Soviet Union Nuclear Bomb

The Soviet Union explodes it’s first Nuclear Bomb 4 yrs after America.

22 September, 1953 – North Korea Pilot Defects With MIG15

The communist pilot who defected to the west yesterday landing in Seoul and bringing with him the latest MIG15 or MIG17 will not only obtain his freedom from the communist regime but will also collect the $100,000 reward offered by the Air Force for the first MIG delivered intact to the US Air Force.

22 September, 2005 – Indonesia Bird Flu Outbreak

September 22nd, 2005 : Three children in Indonesia who have died in the last week and exhibited symptoms of the H5N1 strain of the Bird Flu virus are being tested and if positive will join the confirmed 4 deaths in Indonesia from H5N1 strain of Avian Flu. Indonesia is one of the only countries who have not carried out mass culling of domestic birds following an outbreak with other countries culling many millions of chickens and other domestic birds.

22 September, 2006 – German Monorail Crash

A German monorail train near Lathen crashed into a maintenance vehicle on this day. The crash killed a total twenty-three people.


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