21 September, 1921 – Germany Chemical Plant Explosion

An explosion at a chemical products plant in Oppau, Germany, killed an estimated 800 people.

21 September, 1938 – U.S.A. Hurricane

A hurricane with winds reaching 185 miles per hour often known as the 1938 New England hurricane landed on seven new England States causing the deaths of nearly 700 and property damage estimated in the hundreds of millions. The Hurricane and resulting flooding left over 60,000 homeless. 1938 Great New

21 September, 1979 – Harrier Jump Jet Crash

An RAF Harrier Jump Jet has crashed onto houses in a Cambridgeshire town, killing two men and a young boy. The Jet was involved in a midair collision when the two Harrier jump jets collided at about 8,000 ft.

21 September, 1989 – Nigeria Terrorist Bombing Aircraft

A terrorist bomb is thought to be the cause of a French DC 10 jetliners crash in Southern Nigeria that killed all 171 people on board. The Muslim extremist group Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility.

21 September, 1989 – U.S.A. Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo lands in South Carolina with winds of 135 mph killing at least three and causing significant damage to property in the area.

21 September 1999 – Taiwan Earthquake

A 7.6-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan kills thousands of people, causing billions of dollars in damages and leaves an estimated 100,000 homeless. The worst area was Tungshih, where virtually every building was damaged and the population of 60,000 was left without electricity, water, or telephone service.

21 September 2008 – Lesotho Massive Diamond Found

The twentieth-largest rough diamond was discovered in a Lesotho mine. The diamond weighs 478 carats and could produce a 150-carat cut stone.

21 September, 2011 – U.S.A. Google+

Google+, a social network service is released to the general public. Up to this point, it had been by invite-only, Google+ was released on June 28th via invite-only and over the next 3 months additional features are added and bugs were fixed.


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