15 September, 1926 – U.S.A. Flooding Midwest

As heavy rains continue to fall across the Midwest many towns and cities are only accessible by boat and with rain continuing to fall more and more rivers are overflowing making the situation worse each day, forecasters are predicting further rain for the next 7 days.

15 September, 1968 – Patent for Calculating Apparatus

An Wang obtained a patent for a calculating apparatus, a basic component of computer technology. An Wang was a Chinese‚ÄďAmerican computer engineer and inventor, and co-founder of computer company Wang Laboratories, which was known primarily for its dedicated word processing machines. An Wang was an important contributor to the development of magnetic core memory (Wikipedia).

15 September, 1991 – Japan Typhoon Kinna

Typhoon Kinna has reached western Japan with winds in excess of 80 mph accompanied by torrential rain causing rivers to flood and bridges to collapse due to mudslides.

15 September, 1999 – U.S.A. Hurricane Floyd

Hurricane Floyd a Category 4 storm with winds in excess of 140 mph hits the Cape Fear region of North Carolina causing the drowning deaths of 56 people and 6,000 homes were lost to the storm, from there it continued up the coast to Connecticut.

Cover image credit: Wikipedia


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