12 September 1960 – Hurricane Donna

Hurricane Donna was one of the most destructive hurricanes seen was pounding Eastern Long Island, New York with high winds and heavy rain causing widespread flooding and property damage and is expected to hit New England within a short time.

12 September 1962 – USA Will Land Man On Moon

In response to the progress made by the Soviet Union in the space race President John F. Kennedy announced that America will place a man on the moon and safely return him before the year 1970.

12 September 1970 – Jordan Plane Hijack

Palestinian Guerrillas who hijacked three aircraft in the desert blew up those aircraft at the airstrip but stated the passengers were removed first so are still safe.

12 September 1979 – Indonesia Earthquake

An earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale struck Indonesia and although little damage was felt on the mainland it triggered a tidal wave that destroyed homes and left 8,000 people homeless on the remote island of Yapen.

12 September 1988 – Jamaica Hurricane Gilbert

Hurricane Gilbert A category 5 hurricane with winds reaching 175 mph and the eye large enough to cover Jamaica causes destruction on a scale never before seen on the Island killing hundreds of people and damaging nearly 70% of the Islands homes.

12 September 2006 – California New Emissions Control Bill

California passed a new emissions control bill. This piece of legislation became one of the most extensive carbon dioxide fume regulation documents in the U.S.A. that was drafted into law. One aspect of this new legislation called for a 25 percent decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2020.

12 September 2008 – Saudi Arabia okays killing of Satellite Channel Owners

The highest-ranking judge in Saudi Arabia stated that it is acceptable to kill owners of certain satellite television channels while being interviewed on a radio program. He said that the owners of channels that show immoral or evil programs should be killed if they are not punished in other ways. This is a strange news story and relates to words supposedly from Sheikh Saleh al-Lihedan, 79, chief of the kingdom’s highest tribunal, the supreme judiciary council who believes satellite television channels provide seduction, obscenity, and vulgarity and should be stamped out by any means including the murder of the owners.


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