2 October, 1974 – U.S.A. Cannabis

New investigations in America by Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University Medical School, New Orleans. have uncovered that smoking cannabis can cause mind harm. Cannabis or maryjane is in like manner use in the US with an expected one in each eight Americans 25 million individuals who have smoked the medication.

2 October, 1963 – Haiti Hurricane Flora

Typhoon Flora a monstrous tempest murders 6,000 in Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad, and Tobago, Grenada, This was one of the most exceedingly terrible tempests on record for passings and harm.

2 October, 1968 – Great Britain Sextuplets

The originally set of sextuplets conceived in Britain came because of another richness drug given to another long term old mother following 10 years of attempting to have an infant. One of the children kicked the bucket not long after birth however the other five are excelling at Birmingham Maternity Hospital.

2 October, 1974 – Study Shows Cannabis Can Kill Brain Cells

Another investigation has indicated that the utilization of pot long haul can slaughter human synapses and causing character issues.

2 October, 2006 – U.S.A. Nobel Prize Medicine

Specialists Craig Mello and Andrew Fire were granted the Nobel Prize for medication. The two hereditary qualities experts spearheaded research on RNA obstruction, and brought more noteworthy understanding into quality articulation.


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