Track your spouse, children and your car with this “tiny” device

It is a mini GPS tracker but i choose to call it “small but mighty”. This device can save you lots of headache, when it comes to the whereabouts of your of your  spouse, children, vehicles and other valuable items.  it is called a Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker. This magnetic global position tracking system, can […]

5G Network: What can you do with it?

5G Network alsoknown as the 5th generation of mobile networks, is the evolution of the 4G networks of the present times. It has been created to meet and surpass the massive growth of data and connectivity of Internet of Things (IoT), changing current reality and paving the way for future. Advantages of 5G Network According […]

AI system better assesses bridge structural health with existing sensors

A new system to assess the structural health of bridges using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and an array of sensors is being developed by a team at the University of Texas at Arlington. Modern bridges are typically built with weight-in-motion systems including sensors that measure vibrations, strain and deflection. By measuring the bridge’s response to these […]