Frequently Asked Questions

Jobtins.com is an online community of service providers (also known as freelancers) and Service consumers ( the employers). Jobtins.com provides an enabling platform for freelancers tp display their skills for employers to hire at a given fee. 

Virtually all kind of legitimate services can be traded on Jobtins. We provide an enabling platform for freelancers to display their services for prospective employers to find and hire. Services traded on Jobtins includes construction, material supply,  graphic design, website creation and hosting, software development, academic  research work, lectures, legal services and others.

A freelancer is anyone with good skills to market as a service. To qualify as a freelancer on Jobtins.com, you must be up to 18 years of age and must posses the requisite competent skill for service.

An employer is anyone who is in need of a service from a competent freelancer. He or she must be of legal age and must have the financial strength to pay for services rendered by  freelancers.

As long as you posses the formal/ informal training  and skills to handle employer’s request, you are qualified to showcase your services as a freelancer on Jobtins. Note that only legitimate services are traded on permitted.

We do not allow of illegal services. All services traded on jobtins must comply with  international laws and the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. All Jobtins members must avoid posting of illegal jobs and services to avoid been disqualified.

All you needed to do, is to register on Jobtins.com, update your profile and start posting your services. You can also bid for  available jobs on jobtins. Its up to a prospective employer to select the best bidder for his project. You are advised to be honest when trying to describe your skills and services. Avoid exaggerating your skills because you will not be paid until it is certified that you have delivered according to the terms of agreement between both parties.

Register as a member on Jobtins.com, update your profile and start posting jobs for freelancers to bid for. Note that you must fund your wallet with enough fund to be able to award jobs to freelancers on Jobtins.com.  You don’t have to worry, Jobtins acts as an Escrew to prevent freelancers from running away with your money.

Wallet System on Jobtins.com functions like an escrow system on our freelance marketplace and offers many benefits to both the freelancer and the employer.

As stated earlier, Wallet System functions like an escrow system on our freelance marketplace and offers many benefits to users:

Freelancers: Wallet System creates trust for the freelancers. Imagine when we work online for someone we do not know and after the task is complete, we do not receive the money. With Wallet System, this issue is resolved since the employers who hire the freelancers have to make payment from the start of the project. Hence, freelancers can rest assured that they will get paid after tasks are done.

Employers: On the contrary, when the employer hires a stranger to work on his project, he makes the full payment and expects to receive a high quality work. However, the freelancer does not live up to his expectation as the delivered result is quite bad. So this is a way to lose money. In this case, Wallet System also offers a good solution. Specifically, the employer’s payment is kept in the system and only released to freelancers when they fulfill the project requirements. Therefore, the employer can feel secure that his money is not wasted on the works that he can not use.

In the above two cases, the Jobtins Wallet System plays a useful role in helping freelancers always get money when jobs are done and ensuring that employers would not lose money on low quality works.

Moreover, only by using Jobtins Wallet System can employers and freelancers have access to the dispute center should something not go as planned. In this case, Jobtins will operate as a middleman between two parties and decide who wins and receives the money.

Money deposited in the Wallet System is called credits. 1 unit of credit is equal to 1 unit of currency used on your site. For example, if the system is using Naira (₦), then 1 credit is equal to 1₦.

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  1. Employer posts a project and freelancers will place bids on the project.
  2. Employer will review freelancers’ bids or send bid invitations to candidates he feels appropriate for his project.
  3. When employer decides to hire a freelancer, he will click button “Hire freelancer” and the system will display a form with the project information.
  4. Employer has to make a full payment and the system will check if his Wallet System has enough funds. If there are enough credits in his wallet, the payment will be proceeded. Otherwise, the employer is required to deposit money to his wallet to make the payment. To deposit money, the employer will go to My Wallet and choose Top-up Credit.
  5. After the payment is made, the freelancer will start to work on the project. The payment is now managed by the adminand appears in freelancer’s Wallet System under the pending section.
  6. When the freelancer delivers the work to the employer and the employer is satisfied with the result, he can mark the project as complete. At this phase, when the project is complete, the payment will be released to the freelancer. The credit amount will move from pending section to the available on freelancer’s Wallet System. Freelancer now can request withdrawal for the amount under the available section in his Wallet.

If there’s something unwanted that happens during the project and the employer or freelancer files a dispute, the system will update the project status to “Disputing” and the Jobtins admin will be notified of the dispute. In this situation, the site admin will act as the intermediary, collect necessary information about the project and make decision on who wins the dispute and receives the money.

  • If Jobtins admin selects employer to be the winner, the money will be returned to the employer Wallet System.
  • If admin chooses freelancer to win, the money will be released to freelancer’s Wallet System.