5 Reasons why buildings keep on Collapsing in Nigeria.

Building collapse occurs when members or structural components of a building fail due to stresses imposed on them from external loads and from their respective self weight. The rate of structural collapse in Nigeria is becoming a very disturbing and embarrassing phenomenon especially in the case of buildings. Nigeria  is not in the list of […]

5G Network: What can you do with it?

5G Network alsoknown as the 5th generation of mobile networks, is the evolution of the 4G networks of the present times. It has been created to meet and surpass the massive growth of data and connectivity of Internet of Things (IoT), changing current reality and paving the way for future. Advantages of 5G Network According […]

Tips on how to estimate the quantity of mortar needed for block work

Block laying require mortar which is produced by mixing cement, fine aggregates (sand) and water. Mortar is a type of light weight  concrete and as a result, can be batched by weight or by volume. In this write up, we will look at factors to note when estimating the amount of mortar needed for block […]