Beirut explosion one of the biggest non-nuclear blasts

The explosion in the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020 was one of the biggest non-nuclear blasts in history according to engineers from Sheffield University. SARAID is a British charity which arrived in Beirut 49 hours after a blast ripped through the city, causing more than 140 deaths, 300,000 homeless and structural damage to […]

Technology News

Senate to issue subpoenas for Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai by Sean Keane, Marguerite Reardon Source

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HCL tech acquires Australian IT firm DWS for $115.8 million The DWS Group closed FY 2020 with revenues of $ 122.9 million and has over 700 employees with operations in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Canberra. It provides a wide range of IT services including digital transformation, application development and support, programme and project management […]

Medical and health information

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Technological Events of Today in History: September 21

21 September, 1921 – Germany Chemical Plant Explosion An explosion at a chemical products plant in Oppau, Germany, killed an estimated 800 people. 21 September, 1938 – U.S.A. Hurricane A hurricane with winds reaching 185 miles per hour often known as the 1938 New England hurricane landed on seven new England States causing the deaths […]

5 Reasons why buildings keep on Collapsing in Nigeria.

Building collapse occurs when members or structural components of a building fail due to stresses imposed on them from external loads and from their respective self weight. The rate of structural collapse in Nigeria is becoming a very disturbing and embarrassing phenomenon especially in the case of buildings. Nigeria  is not in the list of […]

Track your spouse, children and your car with this “tiny” device

It is a mini GPS tracker but i choose to call it “small but mighty”. This device can save you lots of headache, when it comes to the whereabouts of your of your  spouse, children, vehicles and other valuable items.  it is called a Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker. This magnetic global position tracking system, can […]

Microsoft fails to acquire Tik Tok at the eleventh hour

Microsoft’s offer to buy the US operations of hugely popular video-sharing app TikTok has been rejected, paving the way for Oracle to secure a last-minute deal. This development is a fallout of the 15 September deadline given by US President Donald Trump for the Chinese-owned app to sell or shut down. Trump administration claims that […]

Technological Events of Today in History: September 13

13 September 1989 – Hurricane Hugo Hurricane Hugo approaches the Leeward Islands and over the next 12 days, Hugo would kill 75 people from the island of Guadeloupe to South Carolina. 13 September 1922 – Turkey Constantinople Following the Turkish Victory in Constantinople, crowds took to the streets and attacked Greek churches and homes, destroying […]

Huawei to shift phones to its own Harmony operating system next year

Huawei said it plan to pre-install its own Harmony operating system on its smartphones from 2021. The Chinese company said it would also offer the software to other manufacturers to use as an alternative to Android. Huawei is currently the world’s second bestselling handset-maker, after a brief time in the top spot. But others have tried […]