Fixed Price - Budget: (₦)120 -
I require someone with relevant shopify API experience to design and build my webstore with specific requirements. The API need will have to upload and delete products from a CSV file (diamonds) which is updated daily from my supplier, there are over 8000 items which needs to be listed and it will also require a search/filter function for the customers to browse…
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Fixed Price - Budget: (₦)105 -
We are looking to get a classy logo and corporate identity designed. The company is renting only high-end cars to wealthy costumers. I prefer a crest like logo with a stylized eagle and horse. PLEASE BE CREATIVE AND UNIQUE, think outside the box. Importantly, even though a design suggestion has been provided, you are free to think of something else that you…
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Fixed Price - Budget: (₦)50 -
Hi. Having had a New Property site built, I am now considering raising Capital for Marketing etc by crowdfunding a percentage of it, for which I need help creating a smart crowdfunding campaign to do so. You need to know the best site/s to place a campaign on as well as being able to know how best to market the whole thing…
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Fixed Price - Budget: (₦)165 -
We're looking for a team to add products to Groupon for us. This is a long term project. This 1st project is a demo project for 100 products. We have multiple stores and a lot of products to add. We need a team or individual who has a lot of experience on adding products to these platforms. We are looking for speed…
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Find Company name, founder's name, marketing executive name given a company URL. Total records - 150 This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details."
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